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Owning a home is perhaps the most important investment you can make. We can help you make your house work with your favourite technology and be both a better home and a better investment.

We build smart, safe & efficient homes

Through installing a home control system, not only will your property become more functional but the system will make your property more energy efficient and will save money in the process. It will also provide the WOW factor when entertaining and make your property stand out from the rest if you decide to sell.

By having the electrical, audio, video and communications systems designed and installed by ELECTRICAL-MAGIC we will provide you with a quicker installation time, a single point of contact, will be more cost effective than separate trades, will reduce running costs and provide peace of mind. We can also manage the installation of the wet systems too, this really makes things easy.

Now is the time to take advantage of home control technology to provide you with the latest time saving devices, security protection and all the benefits which your automated smart home will bring.

The next step is to either contact-us directly or through your Builder/Architect, we can then discuss your needs and design a solution that will seamlessly link you, your lifestyle and your home requirements in one simple and efficient package. ELECTRICAL-MAGIC will be with you all of the way from concept to completion, and should your needs change in the future, all of our systems are flexible and expandable. Our controls work around you not you around the controls.

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