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Our work with construction professionals such as builders, developers and architects brings smart building technology into modern building design

Are you future proofing the homes you build?

Simply installing one TV point in the home is not enough anymore. Today’s modern homeowners are making greater demands from their communications, media, electrical and computer connections. No home being built or wired today should be without structured network wiring. Electrical-Magic can wire your projects to be future-proof with expandable solutions for single room or whole house control, audio and video as well as lighting and HVAC design. Through installing home control systems, not only will properties become more functional but the system will also make properties more energy efficient saving home owners’ money in the process. Don’t get left behind or let you clients down by not offering a smart control system in your homes.

Added value

Electrical-Magic can work with you to create home technology packages, so you can successfully add value to your projects, gain a competitive edge in the property market, while providing your clients with a solution that meets their lifestyle requirements.

Reducing your workload

We know builders and project managers have many tasks to stay on top of. Electrical-Magic want to take the responsibility off your hands, we can manage the whole electrical and plumbing project with our trade partners to ensure the perfect specification, integration and control of the system components, to provide a simple efficient design that’s easy to use and efficient to run. Whether as your subcontractor, or referred directly to the customer. We can get involved at any stage of construction or refurbishment, but its easiest and usually more cost effective all round if we are involved right from the start.

Electrical-Magic is always looking to partner with Architects, Builders and Designers. We are fully insured and certified. Please contact us to discuss how we can add value and make life a little easier.

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