Wi-Fi and Home Networking

Internet connectivity that's fast and reliable, wherever you need it.

Image of Wi-Fi and Home Networking supplied by Electrical Magic

Speed is everything

If you've experienced slow Internet access at home, especially when streaming movies to several rooms at once, you're not alone. The basic hardware supplied by Internet providers is built down to a low price and its performance oftens reflects this. 

Electrical-Magic design and install reliable home networks that mix wired and wireless data connections. We distribute audio, video and web surfing data with reliability, speed and security. Our systems are built to support the very latest Smart TV and home automation systems but are also perfect for your gaming, home office and surfing needs too.

Our cable infrastructures create a high-speed network for your wired devices. We'll help you plan the right number of outlets for each room then specifiy and install central routers and switches to maximise speed and performance. We'll then provide a managed wireless (Wi-Fi) network to ensure you enjoy fast, reliable wireless performance on your smart phones, tablets and laptops.

No matter what you you need from your Internet connection we're experts in delivering the seemless performance you need, all around your home.


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